Activities and Places to See on Fehmarn

View of Burg auf Fehmarn
View of Burg auf Fehmarn
There are many activities available on Fehmarn. Over the years, the island has become a stronghold for fun sports. Surfers call it the "Hawaii of the Baltic Sea", beach-volleyball enthusiasts - the "Malibu of the North."

The NABU Waterbird Reservation Wallnau is easily reachable from our place, being located at around 1,5 km walking distance.

A horse and pony ranch that offers riding lessons and trips is also nearby.

You can consult a list of the island's main attractions and the events calendar to aid you in deciding how to spend your time here.

The Fehmarn page at is very useful for finding places of interest, reviews and other details.

Here are a few other selected highlights:
- - Kitesurfing
- - Wellness, Spa, Sauna, Swimming

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